My Skiing Adventure in Alta, UT

I have been skiing since I was 3 years old and have been enjoying Utah powder skiing with my family since I was 13 (when Snowbird, Utah was brand new).

I’ve skied most of the resorts out there, and (IMHO, UT powder is superior to CO pow… just saying)!

I typically prefer the smaller/ less flashy resorts where there’s more backcountry skiing and fresh tracks tend to hold up longer. However, this past January I went out to Alta, Utah with my close friend Bob. It was supposedly the worst year for snow in 30 years.

Fortunately for us, Alta has the highest elevation in the area and was in better shape than most mountains with regard to snow depth.

We were even able to enjoy skiing off trail in some of the woods and bowls, but still had to keep a close eye out for rocks!

We stayed at Gold Miner’s Daughter, which is right at the base of the mountain. It is super convenient, somewhat rustic, and has great food all included!

It had been a while since I had been there, and it was spectacular. Many skiers prefer Alta, for their “No Snow Boards” allowed policy. I had a blast there so much so that I went back a month later.

I love Utah and could see that being a place where I may end up in the future… stay tuned!