On my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, weight reduction really mattered, so the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Pocket Rocket (now replaced by the PR2) stove was the logical choice for me based on all my research.

I was looking for a fast, easy, and reliable solution for my only method of cooking on-trail.

The MSR Pocket Rocket stove itself weighs in at less than 3.5 ounces (including plastic case), and the smallish 4 oz. Isopro all-season fuel blend canister weighs approximately 6.75 oz.

This combo is highly reliable and never fails to fire up even in the coldest and wettest weather I have encountered.

Typically, I had at least 3 weeks of use out of one canister, based on fixing a hot dinner (no breakfast or hot beverages for me) 4-5 nights/week.

I carried a spare canister that is around 1/4 full for backup, as I didn’t know exactly when a canister would run out and replacements were only available in a town or at an outfitter.

This stove was perfect for me, as I had a lot of dehydrated meat and vegetables that I would add to Ramen, CousCous, Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese, and Knorr Rice or Pasta sides, along with my assortment of spices.

To save fuel, I used a 2-part “Cozy” that I made of reflective bubble wrap (Click here for how to make your own) for residual cooking.

About 5 minutes after adding my ingredients to boiling water and stirring occasionally, I would remove my 900 ml Snow Peak Titanium cook pot from the stove and insert the covered pot into the top and bottom of the Cozy, where my meal would continue to cook for another 10-15 minutes… it worked like a charm.

MSR makes great products and stands behind them… highly recommended!